The PIAAC survey PIAAC - Italiano

What is the PIAAC survey?

The PIAAC survey is a statistical sample survey involving the adult population aged 16 to 65.

The survey measures the competencies of adults through self-administered cognitive tests in the domains of LiteracyNumeracy and Problem Solving. A structured questionnaire is used to also collect information that provide an understanding about how adults use competencies at work, at home and in social life.

The interviews are carried out directly at the home of the interviewee, with the aid of IT tools (PC or tablet).

In Italy, the survey involves a sample of people randomly selected from registry of municipalities and sets out to collect around 4,500 complete interviews for the main survey and 1,500 complete interviews for the pilot survey.

The survey is conducted every ten years.

The field phase of Cycle I survey was carried out between 2011 and 2012.

In 2018 preparations began for the Cycle II survey.