Cycle I PIAAC - Italiano

The OECD PIAAC International Report contains the results for countries that participated in the Cycle I survey. The report presents the main results of the survey, providing comparative analyses.

Click here to download the OECD International Report (1st edition 2013)

Click here to download the OECD International Report (2nd edition 2016)

Click here to download the OECD International Report (3nd edition 2019)

The PIAAC National Report, realised by Inapp, examines the situation in Italy and analyses the competencies of the adult population in relation to socio-demographic traits, competencies used at work and some social outcomes, such as trust in institutions or wellbeing. The National Report is accompanied by a methodological appendix.

Click here to download the PIAAC National Report

To consult the Background Questionnaire in Italian, click here .

Tools and Databases

To request the Italian PIAAC Cycle I dataset click here.

To access the PIAAC international Cycle I dataset on the OECD website click here.

The International PIAAC Cycle Codebook provides information on variables, and can be downloaded here (DOCUMENTATION subsection).

To consult the original version of the Background Questionnaire click here.