The Professions Portal, designed and implemented by INAPP, is an informational resource for all institutional, economic, and social actors interested in understanding the nature and evolution of the labour market. The aim is to inform and support the development of better-targeted and adequate labour, organisational development, and human resource management policies. 

The information available on the Portal is aimed at:

  • Families and young job seekers aiming to get their bearings and understand what new knowledge or skills to invest in to enter the job market
  • Workers that aim to improve their job performance
  • Businesses seeking information on the characteristics of their own workforce and willing to adapt it to changes introduced by technological advance and economic competition
  • Training practitioners wishing to design targeted interventions in support of employment 
  • Labour market practitioners interested in learning about existing job vacancies and facilitating the matching of labour supply and demand
  • Policymakers and public institutions willing to adopt appropriate strategies and measures for labour market growth or monitor occupational needs and workers’ skills