Collaboration between Inapp and PdCM-Department for Family Policies: the operational phase kicks off

20.10.2023 – On 25 October, the operational phase of the three-year collaboration agreement between Inapp and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers-Department for Family Policies (DiPoFam) on active ageing will start.

Stipulated in December 2022, signed in March 2023 and adopted in September 2023 pursuant to Law 33/2023 on ‘Delegations to the Government on policies for the elderly’, the collaboration is part of the national implementation of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Active Ageing (Mipaa) Strategy.

The Inapp Labour Market Structure research group on Demographic Dynamics and Ageing of the Workforce’ has been researching the topics of active ageing – with particular attention to the problems related to the prolongation of the working life – the risk of redundancy and long-term unemployment, as well as forms of discrimination and exclusion linked to the age factor, for years.

The three-year collaboration (2023-2026) will begin with the kick-off meeting at the Department for Family Policies. The head of the project Pietro Checcucci states that the collaboration ‘has been active for some time and has led to concrete results such as the support provided by the United Nations Ministerial Conference on Ageing, jointly organised in Rome by the Italian Government and the UNECE on 15 and 16 June 2022, and the participation in the National Multi-level Participatory Coordination Project on active ageing policies together with the IRCCS INRCA of Ancona. The latter aimed to define a common and participatory intervention model for the promotion of active ageing in Italy. Since 2008 Inapp has been working alongside the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies in participating in the UNECE Standing Working Group on Ageing (SWGA), an intergovernmental working group currently chaired by Italy, composed of representatives of the United Nations Member States of the European Region, representatives of International Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations and the world of research”.

The Agreement between Inapp and the Department for Family Policies aims to develop synergies pursuant to Law 33/2023. The activities foreseen in the agreement will be developed according to the following objectives:

  • Supporting government entities and stakeholders of the national coordination project to set up the methodology and tools needed to analyse active ageing policies. These tools can be leveraged for the ex-ante and ex-post evaluation of the measures spearheaded by the institutional stakeholders involved in the project 
  • Participation in the UNECE’s Standing Working Group on Ageing, in synergy with the technical-scientific support that Inapp provides to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, within the framework of the implementation and monitoring of the progress of the Madrid International Plan of Action on Ageing (Mipaa)
  • Technical-scientific collaboration to define actions and strategies for social inclusion and the prevention of frailty in the elderly population, in the light of recent legislative actions on the subject