Research areas

This section includes macro areas of research  on  different topics addressed  by Inapp. In particular, research work carried out by the Institute is aimed at building an open knowledge base on the matter of  Labour, Education and Training, and Social Policies, to be made available to policy makers, stakeholders, and scholars. As it is an essentially  policy-oriented activity, our research work aims both at developing scenarios and policy proposals and at making assessments on the impact of policies, its primary objective being to provide decision-makers with useful elements for the implementation of  strategic decisions. Our activities therefore include developing and applying analytical and predictive models, as well as proposing possible lines of action in the realm of system evolutionary dynamics and for the advancement of educational, social and labour policies, with an eye turned to their close interaction with both structural economic development and with measures for the improvement of  economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social cohesion.

Research is based on strict scientific and methodological standards. Topics of institutional interest are explored following a multidisciplinary approach based on cross-collaboration of all of the relevant research units, thereby yielding  multiple interpretations of each  phenomenon. Such method is a distinctive feature of the Institute, as it is conducive l to innovation and originality as well as it is instrumental to  the scientific validity of data, services and research outcomes.

The comparative approach is another peculiar feature of the Institute’s research method , and it is consistently integrated by  discussion with the national and international scientific community. A significant effort is also made to investigate topics dealing with specificities of Southern regions.


Education and Training

Social Policies