Business and Labour Unit

This unit has the overall purpose of  developing microeconomic analyses, and exploring cognitive tools, methodologies and empirical evidence in the socio-economic domain  aiming to provide policy-makers with a knowledge base  for choices related to public policies and intervention in the realms of labour, the business system, social security and investment in human capital. The analysis of the outcomes of the aforementioned measures of intervention also fall within this framework. The attainment of this  goal is reached both by processing data collected from multiple statistical-information sources (inside and outside Inapp, O*NET, ICP, the Atlas of Labour, PLUS, RCFL-ISTAT, INPS, COB, ORBIS, etc.)as well as administrative records, and by planning and carrying out longitudinal surveys on businesses and labour (INAPP-RIL, SISTAN Survey).

Person-in-charge: Andrea Ricci

Secretariat: Ambra Lorusso Caputi 06/85447645
[email protected]

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