Labour and Society: The 20th Century through the Documents of the Institute for Social Affairs

11.12.2023 – The Inapp Library ‘Vincenzo Saba’ opens an online exhibition entitled ‘Labour and Society’ on the 100th anniversary of the foundation of Ipas-Italian Institute of Hygiene, Welfare and Social Assistance, merged into Inapp in 2010 as Ias-Istitute for Social Affairs, formerly the Italian Institute of Social Medicine.

Through articles, posters, photographic plates and archive documents, the exhibition offers a glimpse of the cultural project of the Institute’s founder Ettore Levi who was a big advocate for the right to health for all. Levi’s idea was to combat the major social and occupational diseases through health education in life and work using the communication tools of the time (the 1920s) for the purpose of primary prevention.

The documents are exhibited under the three themes related to Inapp’s institutional vocation: work, education and training; social policies; and women between labour, politics and family. A number of Inapp researchers provide a personal interpretation of the main topics of the exhibition, starting from the analysis of some bibliographic materials of Ipas.

The exhibition, which is available online, was realised thanks to the use of the multifunctional open source platform Movio by Iccu-Istituto centrale per il catalogo unico, which made it possible to collect all documents of relevant historical interest.

We therefore invite you to experience this exhibition through a particular interpretative key: the past can facilitate a dialogue with the present, as memories and experiences have led to current knowledge and achievements. This perspective should help extrapolate the meaning of this exhibition.

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