Institutionalisation, quality and use of policy evaluation

Dettagli evento
Data inizio 12 Set 2019 ore 15:00
Data Fine 13 Set 2019 ore 16:30
Luogo Parigi


The goal of the expert meeting is to discuss preliminary results from the survey on policy evaluation launched in 2018 as part of the Public Governance Committee activities, to understand their policy relevance and ensure their factual accuracy. The preliminary results cover 42 countries to date. All responding countries are invited to join the expert meeting following their participation in OECD activities. The discussions will address the various dimensions of the survey, including the definitions, and the broad description of policy evaluation systems.

The key issues to be addressed include

– How are countries experiencing policy evaluation systems and reflecting on the challenges faced in the area?

– What lessons can be drawn from cross country insights on the institutionalisation, quality and use of policy evaluation?

– How can we benefit from international experience and promote peer learning?

Sergio Scicchitano partecipa al Tavolo come delegato INAPP