Active labour policies and the role played by employment services

A day seminar titled “Active labour policies and the role played by employment services”, organised by Inapp in collaboration with the Province of Benevento and Università degli Studi di Benevento, will be held on 26 September in Benevento at the Rocca dei Rettori.

The seminar will be dedicated to active labour policies and the role of employment services from the perspective of development policies. Stakeholders, scholars and local authorities will be attending to reflect on critical aspects and possible actions to strengthen employment services in Southern Italy, where unemployment issues are most serious.

The event will be opened by institutional greetings by: Dr. Santo Darko Grillo, Inapp’s Director-General; Nino Lombardi, President of the Province of Benevento; Clemente Mastella, Mayor of Benevento; Gerardo Canfora, Dean of the Università degli Studi del Sannio.

Inapp’s President, Prof. Sebastiano Fadda, will conduct the opening works and deliver the final conclusions.

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