Making Skills Count Conference outcomes

23.06.2023 – The Making Skills Count Conference, a flagship event of the European Commission within the context of the European Year of Skills, took place on 8 and 9 June.

Making Skills Count explored different ways in which skills ‘count’, by stimulating discussions among leading sector experts, policymakers and key stakeholders and by analysing initiatives and tools required to address skills-related challenges.

The issues under consideration were in the first place ‘Skills first’ approaches, which focus on filling vacancies by relying on skills rather than formal qualifications or job titles.

The second topic concerned skills related to the green transition and net-zero industry.

Last but not least, the third significant topic was how to ‘make the invisible visible’, i.e. prove that the most productive investments to make as a society, as individuals, as organisations and as public authorities involve investing in individuals’ skilling and reskilling processes, also by maximising on the tool of workplace training.