From classrooms to companies: IV survey on training and employment outcomes of IeFP (VET) and IFTS (Higher Education and Vocational Training Courses) pathways

The transition of young people towards employment, the matching between supply and demand of labour, and the potentially applicable role of vocational training systems are key issues for our Country. Defining a focused strategy, one that is oriented to a stronger integration between the training sector and the labour market, might be crucial in order to manage the post-pandemic period and the economic consequences related to it. All these issues will have to be dealt with in the light of some difficulties related to the Italian labour market: young people struggling to access the labour market, job insecurity, and contractual weakness. On top of that, one must consider the rise of new jobs aiming at replacing other, more and more residual jobs or at meeting new organisational patterns, whose most striking expression is remote work. Within such a complex picture, the survey report is intended to provide public and private stakeholders with empirical evidence and practical features to help evaluate the effectiveness of the two educational pathways under consideration.

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