XX Monitoring Report on the Vocational Education and Training System and VET (IeFP) dual paths

The present Report redefines the framework of the Vocational Education and Training System in terms of participation and of the quality and quantity of supply. It also contributes to  the ex-lege report under article 7, subparagraph 2, of legislative decree 76/2005. In order to collect the necessary data for the report, two separate surveys were carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies in agreement with the Ministry of Education and Merit. The first survey concerned paths completed without the obligation to perform alternation activities for more than a total amount of 400 hours per year. The second survey concerned VET (IeFP) paths completed in dual mode, i.e. according to specifications laid down in the State-Regions Agreement of 24 September 2015. For both surveys an Excel format monitoring file, consisting of a sheet for each course year and for each type of action, was submitted to Regions’ and Public Administrations’ representatives.

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