ANCI Missione Italia. The PNRR for Municipalities and Cities 2021-2026

Event Details
Start Date 04 Lug 2024 ore 09:00
End Date 05 Lug 2024 ore 17:00
Place Roma

On 4th and 5th July, the 2024 edition of Missione Italia will take place in Rome at the Corsie Sistine di Santo Spirito in Sassia. The event is organised by Anci to highlight the progress of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and to understand the role of Italian municipalities.

Anci’s annual event on the PNRR for Municipalities and Cities, which is currently in full implementation, returns with two days of meetings with officials and representatives from Ministries, local administrations, and economic operators. The third edition of Missione Italia focuses on the technical and procedural aspects of the PNRR, aiming to provide concrete support to the administrations through the presentation and discussion of issues, solutions, and best practices. Two days filled with data, materials, and networking to enhance and strengthen the role of Municipalities and Cities in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

Inapp will participate alongside the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies with its own information and dissemination desk.

During the Anci event, on 4th July at 17:30, there will be a “co-working” session titled “System Changes for New Living” organised by Ifel and Inapp on topics related to Social Innovation and the implementation of the PNRR. The session aims to initiate a discussion on the issue of housing, which affects the entire socio-economic system and not just local welfare policies and services. The gap between rising prices and income trends, the surge in short-term rentals in many Italian cities and locations, and the increase in mortgage interest rates are phenomena that exacerbate the conditions of fragility and difficulty in acquiring housing for large segments of the population. Federica De Luca and Giovanna Giuliano will represent Inapp with the contribution “For an Evaluation of Housing Policies: Fighting Inequalities, Urban Regeneration, and Forms of Social Innovation.”