The PIAAC survey

What’s the PIAAC survey?

PIAAC is a sample statistical survey involving adults in the 16-65 age bracket.

The survey measures adult proficiency through self-administered cognitive tests in the LiteracyNumeracy and Problem Solving domains. By means of a structured questionnaire, additional information is also collected to understand how adults use their skills at work, home and in the wider community.

Adults are interviewed in their homes via digital devices (PC or tablet).

The survey is conducted every 10 years; the first Cycle of the survey was conducted between 2011 and 2012.

The preparation round of the second Cycle of the survey started in 2018; the pilot survey was conducted in spring 2021, while the main survey was administered between September 2022 and July 2023.

Cycle II of the survey has been conducted over a sample of individuals randomly drawn from Italian Municipality registries with the purpose of collecting roughly 7,500 full interviews for the main survey and 1,500 full interviews for the pilot survey.