Data and results

On this page you can access records containing the results of PIAAC data analysis activity, data concerning the PIAAC survey and download some useful tools for Cycle I databases query and analysis.  

Cycle I section contains the main records released at a a national and international level, which display the empirical evidence resulting from survey data processing.

Cycle II section, currently under construction, will include the main records released at a national and international level, to display analysis results from the second cycle of the survey. These records will be available upon completion of the survey.The section titled “Database – How to access database and data analysis tools” includes links to view data stored in the international database, including data concerning all Countries which participated in the first PIAAC cycle, alongside the italian database.
On the same page, you can also access the “Data Explorer”, i.e. the OECD platform where queries can be launched on the survey results, and data analysis tools provided by OECD.