Who promotes the PIAAC survey?

The PIAAC survey is promoted by OECD (the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). ANPAL (the National Agency for Active Labour Policies) and INAPP (the National Institute for Public Policies Analysis) have been entrusted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies with the task of conducting the survey in Italy.

What’s the purpose of the PIAAC survey?

The survey aims to collect information on adult competencies and skills in several Countries throughout the world, including Italy. Data gathered from the survey will help assess competencies and understand how adults use their skills, with a view to an active participation in economic, social and everyday life.
The survey aims to make updated databases available, comparable at an international level and fit to provide information on the existing link among skills, education and labour, and on the role played by skills in enhancing employment and life opportunities in the adult population.

How will PIAAC survey results be used?

The PIAAC survey will provide valuable information to researchers and policymakers on Italian adults’ present skills and experiences. This information in turn will be used to develop plans aimed at improving the required skills for individuals to be able to play a successful role in today’s economy and society.

How were participants in the PIAAC survey chosen?

Citizens chosen to participate in the PIAAC survey are between 16 and 65 years of age and were selected following strict scientific criteria in order to represent thousands of citizens bearing the same characteristics. Each participant’s name was randomly drawn from Italian Municipality registries.

For these reasons, it is crucial for the interview to be completed by exactly the same individuals who were selected.

What are participants required to do?

Participation in the survey is based on a structured interview to be carried out into two stages: i) in the first stage the participant is requested to answer some questions administered by an expert interviewer, including basic socio-demographic aspects, past and present education and training history, employment status, and past work history; ii) in the second stage the participant is requested to perform some exercises (tasks) related to ordinary everyday adult life activities.

Is participation mandatory for selected individuals?

Even though participation in the PIAAC survey is on a voluntary basis, as each selected person was chosen according to criteria allowing them to represent a vast number of like individuals, their participation is crucial and essential for a successful outcome of the survey.

Nonetheless, it’s envisaged that, in case a participant were not willing to answer some particular questions, they can skip such questions and carry on with the interview.

How long does it take to carry out the interview?

The full interview, i.e. the background questionnaire administered by the interviewer and the tasks directly carried out by the participant, takes about two hours.

How is participants’ privacy ensured?

All the information gathered will be processed for the sole statistical and scientific research purpose, in full compliance with the current legislation on the protection of statistical confidentiality and protection of personal data. The survey results will be released in aggregate form so that it will not be possible to identify the individuals to whom data refer.

Will participants’ answers be assessed?

No, rather than being a personal trial, test or exercise linked to each individual’s performance, the PIAAC survey is an assessment intended to understand the characteristics of the entire population. Therefore, no reference will ever be made, either during the analysis or when results are released, to each individual participant’s tasks and no score or assessment will be assigned to participants.

Can those who don’t speak good Italian participate in the interview?

Yes, all selected individuals can participate in the survey, including those who don’t speak Italian very well and all those who don’t speak Italian as their mother tongue. If a selected participant is able to understand basic instructions in Italian they can carry on with the interview. In case they struggle with the language or can’t read Italian, then the interviewer will end the interview and thank the participant for their time.

Will participants receive a gift after completing the interview?

Yes, each participant who carries out the interview will receive a complimentary gift as a token for their involvement.

If a participant doesn’t have the time to carry out the interview at a given time, can they participate at another time?

Yes, a participant can agree with the interviewer who contacted them on an appointment on the most convenient day and time.

If a participant cannot host the interviewer at home, is it possible to be interviewed elsewhere?

Yes, the interview can be carried out elsewhere, as conveniently agreed with the interviewer, such as the participant’s workplace, a library or any other adequate place.

How can I recognise a PIAAC interviewer?

PIAAC interviewers wear an identification badge and carry out their task on behalf of INAPP, which is entrusted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies to conduct PIAAC interviews in Italy.