Information for PIAAC Participants

This section is intended for those who have been selected to participate in the PIAAC survey, in order to provide them with additional information on the survey.

The PIAAC survey is promoted by OECD (the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) with a large number of participating Countries throughout the world, including Italy.
The PIAAC Programme aims to measure competencies and skills in adults between 16 and 65. Data gathered from the survey will help assess competencies and understand how adults use their skills, with a view to fostering active participation in economic, social and everyday life in a society which requires individuals to constantly acquire new knowledge and new skills and carry out new types of work.

ANPAL and Inapp were entrusted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies  with the task of conducting the survey in Italy.

PIAAC is a statistical survey involving a sample of individuals randomly drawn from Italian Municipality registries. Each participant is selected following strict scientific criteria in order to derive results which can be relatable to the Italian adult population at large.

Participation in the PIAAC survey is on a voluntary basis, though each selected person’s participation is crucial and essential for the successful outcome of the survey.

Rather than being a personal trial, test or exercise linked to each individual’s performance, the PIAAC survey is an assessment for the purpose of understanding the characteristics of the Country’s entire population.

All the information provided by participants to the PIAAC survey will be processed, for the sole statistical and scientific research purpose, in full compliance with the current legislation on the protection of statistical confidentiality and protection of personal data. The survey results will be released in aggregate form, so that it will not be possible to identify the individuals to whom data refer.