PIAAC Team Italy

The Italian team responsible for the PIAAC survey implementation – in charge of ensuring that the Programme be conducted according to the international standards and guidelines devised to guarantee quality of results and comparability in time and among Countries – can count on several experts from Inapp, Anpal and Istat staff. 

The Team includes: 

Manuela Amendola (Inapp)

Cecilia Bagnarol (Inapp)

Manuela Bonacci (Inapp), Head of National Quality Control

Silvia Donno (Inapp)

Valentina Gualtieri (Inapp), Head of National Project

Simona Mineo (Inapp), National Head of Data and IT Coordinator

Paolo Righi (Istat), Head of National Sampling

Monica Roiati (Inapp) 

Fabio Roma (Anpal)

Info at: [email protected].