How to access database and data analysis tools


To request the PIAAC Italian dataset – 1st Cycle click here

To access the PIAAC international dataset – 1st Cycle from OECD website click here

Data explorer

To access the PIAAC data explorer – 1st Cycle; a platform allowing survey results queries, from OECD website click here

Data analysis tools

To access tools provided by OCSE to support users in exploring and analysing data related to PIAAC – 1st Cycle click here (TOOLS subsection).

The PIAAC International Codebook – Cycle I can be downloaded here (DOCUMENTATION subsection) to allow  you to know variables and better understand the use and characteristics of PIAAC data.

To view the Background Questionnaire in the Italian version click here.
To view the Background Questionnaire in the original version 
click here.