VALUE CHAIN – Competitiveness

Claudio Vitali

[email protected]
+39 06 854471


Project partnership details

VAL.U.E. C.H.A.IN. competitiveness is a project promoted by a consortium composed of INAPP, ANPAL, five Regions (Lombardy, Lazio, Tuscany, Sardinia and Autonomous Province of Trento-Agenzia del Lavoro), five Training Providers and the CE.RE.Q. (FR).

The partnership includes as associate organisations: Ministry of Labour, responsible for the policies  of the labour, employment and labour protection; OBR Fondimpresa Lombardia, the territorial division of Fondimpresa, the inter-professional joint fund for lifelong Learning; For.te, the Joint Interprofessional Fund of firms and companies of the service sector and Assolombarda, the biggest association in the entire Confindustria system.

For Inapp, the Project Manager is Claudio Vitali [email protected] 

The Team consists of