Adult learning agenda 2022-2023

Claudio Vitali

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The IT – EU AL Agenda project design represents the result of a dialogue with the national authorities to share specific objectives and the activities to achieve them. During the last two years, the issues of adult learning has come to attention again for several reasons and for the occurrence of new and, certainly unexpected, situations. On the one hand, it’s clear that there is still need to act to improve the efficiency of the relations between the different stakeholders that make up the complex and articulated governance in this sector: however, the National Plan for the Skills of the Adult Population has been finally finalized and approved, a programming document which offers an important contribution of direction to the implementation in Italy of the Upskilling Pathways Recommendation; on the other hand, the pandemic crisis has highlighted weaknesses already known (first of all that relating to low participation rates of adults), including among them the poor distribution of basic digital skills and the need to invest more both in basic skills and skills for life, in line with the EU Skills Agenda. The project is strongly aimed at offering contributions of knowledge and analysis, supporting the monitoring of the actions undertaken and, also using action-research methodologies, continuing the action of mainstreaming and awareness-raising on the mentioned topics. In addition, a commitment to the preparation of the NIP is concretely envisaged, supporting involved Authorities in its preparation. In addition to the due performance of the role assigned to the national coordinator as defined in the Call and the full active participation in the planned transnational cooperation activities, among the foca of the project are the analysis and modelling activities related to the adoption of micro-credentials in NFIL contexts and to the existing training pathways targeting the acquisition of Skills for life (especially on financial, media and environmental literacy). 

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