Profile and composition of the team implementing the work plan

The composition of the INAPP team is defined to guarantee the presence of multiple skills and experiences that ensure the achievement of the several objectives qualifying the project. It includes knowledge and skills related to policies and strategies for the Adult Learning at local and national level, research and analysis skills in the field of Adult Learning and training and teaching methodologies. The staff expertise guarantees a low level of services outsourcing.

Short profiles of staff members

Name of staff memberSummary of relevant skills and experienceRole / tasks to be performed
Claudio Vitali

[email protected] 
Claudio has been named by Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Education the NC from 2015 but has been in the staff of the team implementing the EU Agenda from 2012. He collaborated in drafting the national Report on Upskilling Pathways in Italy and is author of several surveys and communication outputs on adult learning.Project managerTrainer on EU policies and planning techniquesDissemination:
speaker in national/transnational events
Sveva Balduini

[email protected] 
Sveva is responsible of Planning and Development Department in INAPP. She acted as Director of the Erasmus+ National Agency and has gained a significative and relevant experience during last three years of cooperation in Adult Learning Agenda projects as researcher and internal evaluator. She has an important expertise on the implementation of the main EU policies and tools in VET field (EQUAVET, ECVET, EQF, Europass).Monitoring and evaluation, quality controller and cooperation in dissemination activities
Guido Dal Miglio

[email protected] 
Guido has already worked with the Team in the previous project, being in charge to coordinate surveys on potential synergies between different sources of funding to sustain adult learning policies.Guido will be involved in  research activities in WP3.
Stefano Volpi

[email protected] 
Stefano is a Senior Researcher, specialized in Public Policies evaluation. He was the past Responsible for the ISFOL (actually INAPP) Department in charge of the evaluation of impact of ESF implementation in Italy.Stefano will be involved in  research activities in WP3.
Corrado Polli

[email protected] 
Senior researcher, Corrado is responsible for Statistics Department of INAPP.Corrado will be involved in WP3, both as expert in training (Units on research and need analysis techniques) and for didactical tools drafting (methodological contents)
Marco Cioppa

[email protected] 
Marco is in the staff from 2012 and has developed an important technical expertise for communication tools design and production and use of different communication channels.Marco will be particularly involved in communication activities. He will manage the contents selection and uploading contents on Inapp Website
Manuela Amendola

[email protected] 
Manuela has important experience in project management and research activities, being member of Inapp working group for PIAAC implementation in Italy from 2011. Moreover, co-operated in E.QU.A.L. project Implementation (Upskilling Pathways).Manuela will be involved in research activities in WP3 and in training activities (Modules on EU Policies)
Alessandra Mereu

[email protected] 
As member of Planning and Development Department in INAPP, Alessandra gained a 25 years’ experience in checks and controls of complex and articulated working programmes. She was also deeply involved in administrative and technical assistance for previous EC programmes and initiatives (such as LINGUA, PETRA, NOW and Leonardo da Vinci1995/1999)She is in charge to assist the P.M. during the progress and final report drafting and to co-operate with the external Auditor during the preparation of Report of Factual Findings on the Final Financial Report
Daniela Badiali

[email protected] 
Administrative, with past experience in 2014-2015, 2015-2017 and 2017-2019 projectsDaniela is responsible for project financial management, in particular for issues concerning the crossed controls within project activities and and general Inapp administration.
Ubaldo Carrino

[email protected] 
Administrative, with past experience in 2015-2017 and 2017-2019 project administrative/financial management (bid procedures)Ubaldo will co-operate in project financial management, in particular for issues concerning the processes of services outsourcing.
Simona Coscia

[email protected] 
Administrative, with past experience in 2014-2015, 2015-2017 and 2017-2019 projectsSimona will be in charge to monitor the respect of individual engagement on project activities, checking time sheets.