YOUTH employment partnerSHIP

Person-in-charge: Massimiliano Deidda

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Inapp is among the partners of the international consortium which was awarded first place in the call for tender launched by the EEA Fund and Norway Grants 2014-2021, owing to its project titled “YOUTH employment partnerSHIP – evaluation studies in Spain, Hungary, Italy and Poland”.

The Fund finances initiatives of analysis, evaluation, research and intervention aimed at reducing socio-economic inequalities across Europe and strengthening cooperation patterns between Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland (whose governments finance the Fund) and the other European countries. 

The project aims at assessing policies of youth employment in Italy, Spain, Hungary and Poland by applying a counterfactual methodology. What participating countries have in common is a high rate of unemployment of the younger generations and difficulties in carrying out high-quality Counterfactual Impact Evaluation merely by using information from administrative databases. 

Among the initiatives pursued throughout the project are: awareness raising campaigns directed to public employment services (PES), the implementation of employment policies in favour of young generations – with special attention being bestowed upon gender issues – and detailed analysis of their outcomes. Comparable evaluation methods based on administrative data will be adopted to this end. 

Furthermore, the project will implement evaluation studies to assess ongoing employment initiatives and measures, in an attempt to establish a transnational network of research dedicated to youth employment policies, thereby promoting traineeships for Phd students as well as workshops on evaluation methods open to researchers belonging to other institutional frameworks.

Further information is available on the project website.

YOUTH employment partnerSHIP – evaluation studies in Spain, Hungary, Italy and Poland” receives Euro 1,8 million funding from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through SSE and Norway’s Fund for Youth Employment.  

This project ended with the Final Conference which was held in Brussels on 8 June 2022. What’s next?

  • View takeaway materials from different sessions of the project on the dedicated website
  • Watch a video containing policy-relevant guidelines which were debated during the project.
  • Read the interview to Massimiliano Deidda, a member of Youth’s steering committee as well as Inapp’s spokesperson.  




8 giugno 2022? Ci vediamo a Bruxelles per la conferenza finale del progetto


Presentazione dello studio di valutazione sull’occupazione giovanile in Italia. Presentations of job evaluation studies (WP5-Capacity building)




A Bilbao si è parlato dei risultati e del futuro del progetto


Incontro tecnico on line


Ci si vede a Roma dal 6 al 8 novembre


On line il canale Youtube del progetto

The “Youth employment partnerSHIP” project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway