Anna Sveva Balduini

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CRONOS-2 (CROss-National-Online-Survey) 

The CRONOS project is carried out in the context of Round 10 of the European Social Survey. It is financed by the European Commission through the Horizon-2020 programme, as part of a wider project called ESS-SUSTAIN 2. CRONOS-2 is carried out in the contexts of field research conducted as part of ESS Round, and it is aimed at collecting the names of prospective participants of an opinion poll centred on testing CAWI methodology, in lieu of the traditionally adopted CAPI methodology, for administering relevant questionnaires for social research.

The project is jointly conducted by a variety of institutions, which include national institutes of statistics and national research organisations in twelve different countries: Austria, Belgium, France, Iceland, Italy, Portugal, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Sweden and Hungary. Serbia is in the process of joining the project as an observer. 

Inapp and the University of Milan are official partners on the Italian side of the project, under the guidance of ESS-ERIC, the coordinating European consortium of the European Social Survey. 

Participants in the above-mentioned survey will have to complete up to six short on-line questionnaires every second month. Each of the questionnaires requires about 20 minutes to complete. Among the topics on which participants will be able to express their opinions, a variety of topical social issues can be identified, such as family life, work, health, media and politics.

Questionnaires must be completed on-line, using personal devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones, and participants are entitled to choose when to initiate each fill-in session. 

Orientatively, questionnaires on a European level will be administered mid-February, mid-April, mid-September and mid-October 2022, whereas national questionnaires will be available mid-June and mid-November 2022. 

Collected data will be used for research purposes and fully in compliance with privacy and data protection regulations, which shall be strictly followed by all who are entrusted with handling the data. Data will therefore be processed in observance of EU and national GDPR regulations. For further information, please read the privacy policy on the protection of personal data.

Participation is voluntary, and respondents shall be rewarded with a 5-euro token for each completed questionnaire, by means of compensation for the time and efforts devoted to the task. Respondents will be free to choose to accept or decline single invitations to participate in each of the questionnaire sessions (which will be sent to them via e-mail or mobile text), to provide an answer to each single question or skip them or to quit the questionnaire at any time during the session. 

Interviewers are entrusted with collecting the name and agreement to participate of prospective respondents in the R Form of the CAPI of the relevant questionnaire in the context of Round 10 of ESS, as well as with collecting their email address or mobile phone number for the purpose of sending them the necessary links. 

In the course of the months following completion of the European Social Survey, respondents who have previously expressed their agreement to participate in CRONOS-2 will be contacted to submit themselves to the first short questionnaire. They will also receive informational materials (either an e-mail or a link in a mobile phone text), containing further details on the survey they have agreed to take part in. They will be able to choose to complete the questionnaire or quit it at any time during the session. 

If necessary, further information is available on the ESS website.