EQUAL – Upskilling pathways Italy

Claudio Vitali

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In partnership with Regions Lombardy and Latium, the autonomous Province of Trento, the Brodolini Foundation and Céreq, INAPP coordinates the EQUAL project, whose main objective is to encourage the implementation of the council’s proposition on Upskilling Pathways for Adult Learning in Italy, thereby extending a valuable contribution towards identifying the necessary elements for strategies of improvement of skills in adults lacking professional qualification or basic literacy.

To this end, existing policies on the matter have been catalogued alongside the tools and regulations for their implementation, taking the main components of the so-called three-step model as a starting point: assessment and validation, flexibilization of educational and training pathways, certification of resulting skills. For the project to be effective, it is equally important to set down a criterion for identification of priority groups and recipients, so as to promote the adoption of specific approaches in keeping with different regional needs and requirements. With this goal in mind, similar already-enacted initiatives shall be studied and analysed, especially those which proved to be effective and fruitful.

The project is carried out in cooperation with all relevant stakeholders in the domain of adult learning. In order to boost this process, the partnership which carries it out is a multi-level transnational one, and it consists of different subjects, both public and private, operating at different territorial levels. A multichannel communication strategy is bound to ensure the highest possible dissemination of outcomes and products, thereby paving the way for effective innovation.

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EaSI programme – Awareness-raising activities in Member States on “Upskilling Pathways: New Opportunities for Adults” – Call for proposals VP/2017/011

Agreement N. VS/2018/0016