Promoting LLL through VET – Lot 1

Sandra D’Agostino

[email protected]

Promoting lifelong learning of adults through CVET systems and upskilling pathways – Lot 1: Strategies and partnerships for CVET – towards systems for learning conducive work environments and learning intensive working lives

Digitization and technological change, as well as global phenomena such as climate change, aging and social inclusion, are transforming the way we work and societies in general. One of the implications of these changes is that the benefits of learning – so called “private returns” – are increasingly underestimated by both individuals and employers. Instead, continuing vocational education and training is essential to address current and future challenges, to acquire new skills and competences needed to face complex and frequent transitions and to maintain a good job and an even professional career. The same is true for companies, which must be able to innovate continuously in order to remain competitive in a rapidly changing market.

The study aims to identify and design approaches / strategies that support the definition of continuing vocational training systems supported by learning-conducive work environments and learning-intensive working lives, through a change in the attitude and behavior of enterprises and of individuals towards CVET.

In a time-span of about three years, the study intends to realize:

  1. a multidimensional matrix that is able to interconnect the external and internal dimensions relevant for the future development of CVET with reference to the behavior of individuals and companies;
  2. an empirical analysis of continuing education policies, strategies and partnerships that considers relevant interactions with adjacent spheres of the political economy (from industrial and labor market politics and relations, to innovation and social policy) in three European countries – Finland, Ireland and Spain – and in Japan, complemented by an analysis of a specific economic sector in each country, leader in CVET provision.
  3. the elaboration of alternative scenarios for a desirable future CVET system and definition of the most appropriate strategies to achieve it in the long run.