Adult learning agenda 2024-2025

Claudio Maria Vitali

[email protected]

During several meetings with the Ministry of Labour and the Ministry of Education and Merit, it was concluded that in the next two years it will be necessary to move from the planning phase to that of implementation, that is, it will be necessary to concretely substantiate what is currently foreseen within new legal frameworks and intervention plans. Finally, many of the actions that are currently starting are characterized by innovation and the operators called to implement them need upskilling and reskilling pathways to do so effectively. For this reason, the actions included in WP1 are focused on highly operational objectives focused on preparing operators to use processes and tools that accompany new students to enter flexible educational and training pathways. This objective will be mainly achieved by organizing workshops and training courses for CPIA teachers engaged in the validation of skills.

As regards the second Priority, the activities will concern actions to enhance and disseminate the results of the relevant measures contained in the NIP and in the capitalization of the results of the activities of some interventions that have just been. About Priority 3 (WP3), it is believed that the main activity should consist in highlighting how Skills for life and non-cognitive and transversal skills, are crucial to increase not only employability but also to reduce the risk of social exclusion and lack of participation in active life. This can take place during events, which will be prepared and focused on ad hoc documents and analyses carried out.

With respect to priority 4 (Dissemination Strategy and activities at EU level) it is necessary to promote a joint action between the different national coordinators, capable of strengthening the results coming from participation in transnational events. The exchange of practices and experiences will therefore also take place during study visits and preparation of joint reports.

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